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Start of construction of 4 mobile hybrid power plants

On the 4th of April 2022, the construction of mobile hybrid power plants was launched in the Khonuu (Moma), Kulun-Elbut, Sasyr and Tebyulyakh (Chumpu-Kytyl) villages.

The projects are being built according to the signed energy service contracts between OJSC Sakhaenergo (part of RusHydro group) and Complex Energy Solutions LLC (part of Arctic Power Capital group) in Momskyi ulus.

The first automated hybrid power plant began operation in September 2021 in Tabalakh (Ulakhan-Kyuel) village, Verkhoyansk ulus, Republic of Saha (Yakutia).

The elements of each energy facility will be integrated by an automated control system that will ensure the most efficient operation of the power plant while minimizing diesel fuel consumption. The use of such energy facilities will reduce fuel consumption by up to 50% of current values.

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